I'll shoot you


For short Ces, I was born in the Bronx, New York in 1981. You would think that the passion for shooting people would have come to me in my early years, but it wasn't until I moved to Philadelphia, PA. The murder capital of the United States, that I became trigger happy. Administering equipment of my own I incited in this "learn for you" motto. Shooting off shots every day until my palms started squeaking. I decided to make a run for it. Escaping from the U.S decisively to Europe, I soon became acquainted with new subjects that were soon to be my victims. So, I will lay things out STRAIGHT, and to the POINT. I live day by day, who knows what is in store for tomorrow. I use my fixation of capturing the beauty of things, and/or showing how ugly they really are, to express my visual opinion of life today.

Why Choose me?

  • 1Not only can i capture movement, i dance myself. Knowing when to take the right picture is something i do and practice.
  • 2A new face with new ideas, who is not afraid to go there and beyond. Whether it be something done previously or something experimental.
  • 3No fear!!!


A young, dynamic,inspired, creative and professional mind, who has a breadth of knowledge attained through working within the entertainments and art industry.

Branding and Marketing

My graphic design services, branding and identity development can help your business present itself to existing and potential clientele competitively and professionally, whether you are consolidating and building upon your current position or tapping into new markets and possibilities.


I specialize in high quality filming in London and the surrounding counties, and countries. My shooting ranges from your individual dancer trying to boost their career or just make a demo reel to school plays, dance shows, drama performances, musicals, theatre and performing arts. A moment of dance not capture is one to many moments lost.


I offer a friendly professional photography service to cater to your requirements and budget. I specialize in Studio and Event Photography, while keeping an interest in Conceptual Urban Movement. I like to show the beauty of life, but never forget about the not so pretty. I have access to a full lighting studio and i work wonders outside.


From taking snapshots at your local event to filming weddings. I offer a range of services, in which are all satisfaction guarantee.



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